The models below may require changes or revisions based on the type of activity you want to propose. The OVPIA partnership team will work with you on all necessary Changs. The maximum duration of this agreement is five years and may be extended, if applicable. In exceptional cases, where a potential partner requires it, an IU unit may apply for approval of a general agreement, a joint agreement or a similar document that does not specify the actual activities. It is presumed that the partner makes the document available; Therefore, DIE IU does not offer a model. These documents must have a duration, usually one or two years, reflecting a realistic time frame for a subsequent agreement that formalizes the terms of a given activity (or activity). This subsequent agreement will take over from the general agreement. The cooperating foreign partner or unit may request the use of its submission, especially if it has limited flexibility due to internal rules or guidelines. If this is the case, you should compare this model with the corresponding IU model to ensure that all necessary terms and other relevant terms are presented. The maximum duration of this agreement is five years and may be renewed if evidence of balanced activity appears during this period. If the IU already has a primary agreement with your desired institution, download the sub-convention model for student exchange. If not, download the single convention model for student exchanges. This model should be used for alternating programs where students from the IU and a partner university perform a certain number of credit hours at each university and acquire degrees from both the IU and the partner university.

The alternating studies are alternating, with students from the UI and the partner university participating in alternating studies. The student exchange model contains detailed terms regarding specific responsibilities for both incoming and outgoing exchange participants. Indiana University has three types of partnership agreements and cross-border activities: the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs has worked closely with IU General Counsel and other administrative offices to develop contract projects. The purpose of these models is to help faculties and staff begin the design process.