I need a keke for purchase and I go to the harcourt port…. I have experience in business… 070683444445… Thanks to the key to success in the keke rental store, getting a good keke is getting a good keke because a bad keke, if that`s the case, brings little benefit. Pls Sir bin a rider based at sapele, delta state.i need a new keke on rental-sale, you can join me at 08066906548 A valid and well written agreement is needed It does not matter if the person who is your blood relationship, make sure that you write contract and that both parties should sign it. The driver must bring no less than 2 stelzers, either the family members who are doing well or the civil servants. Thus, they can refund your money in case of default. I have a tricycle and I need an honest driver with two guarantors. Here in Ajah Lagos.

I need a marwa keke on rental-sale, please ugent contact me 08099357180,08167803581. OLAWALE OLOMOFE Hello@Jaaper Suppose you told the driver that the amount you will give for the rental sale is 100k, the driver will drop 10k of the amount to show the commitment, then the remaining amount will be read based on the number of months you have agreed for the final payment before the keke is his This is your article about creating a tricycle store is really conclusive. Beautiful Work Eno Contact me if you need a bike to rent 09057184403 in 2019 to the interested for rental-sale. I`ve got my driver`s card. If you are a good driver and you have two safe deposits, contact me by email wale.bolade@matattu.com you must register the vehicle with the association that will move the route you plan to move, which costs about 25,000 ₦ – ₦30,000. You also need to buy a license plate before our vehicle is allowed on the roads, and this will put you an additional ₦20,000 The contractor will give the lime keke twice or more of the price he bought, the keke in others to make gains. And the buyer accepts the terms because he doesn`t have much money to buy directly from the keke merchants. Payment terms can be weekly, nocturnal or monthly. The best option is weekly if you don`t want stories. The sooner you break, the more established you are in business. That`s why so many rental-sale contractors go for fair use so that they can quickly recoup their investment with profits.

The driver should be able to pay 10% for the first payment. I`m in Sapele Delta, I want to invest in NEW KEKE and DAYLONG etc MOTOR BIKE, I`m a good n responsible also to buy an experince DRIVER 07034529431 to purchase. It must be based on the delta sapele state. Please, I need a keke rental in Ifo State Ogun If creating a keke rental store sounds like it`s for you, there are so many other things to consider that I haven`t added to this item to keep it short and easy. However, I`ve created a business planning guide with a lot more information, like how you structure business, project your income to manage your drivers and much more. You can download it here: pls I have keke napep to rent buy my phone no ar 08069693436 0802111114704 i stay `agege hello I need keke napep rental buy, live at 15, akinbo street odi olowo , mushin my Name OLANREWAJU ISMAILA , my phone number 08084872007 Thanks for your support There are 3 main brands of Kekes on the Nigerian market – Bajaj, Paggio and TVS , with brand new units, which typically cost 390,000 ₦ to 420,000 ₦.