12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Let`s be honest: it`s not easy to apply for a marriage contract when you`re about to get married. Future spouses may falsely consider this to be a statement of distrust. One of the simplest ways to ensure that any separate property acquired before marriage is to maintain the separate nature of that property after marriage. It may sound simple, but over the course of marriage, especially a long-term marriage, it can be extremely difficult to keep separate accounts and separate assets. For this reason, many people are looking for the following options instead of marriage contracts. So what`s the alternative? Today, with more than half of marriages ending in divorce, future spouses would be foolish not to take steps to protect their property from marriage. Due to the uncertain outcome and potentially unpleasant conversation, not everyone who would benefit from a marriage contract enters into one. This is unfortunate, as it unnecessarily exposes property acquired before marriage to future divorce applications. Take careful readings. This will be essential for those who wish to keep their property separated without a marriage contract, since the burden of proof lies with the spouse who wishes to establish a separate estate. Good ratings will show that all acquisitions made from separate real estate funds are in fact separate properties. During marriage, clear records of inherited property or donated money should also be kept by a third party. These real estate assets and funds should be added to separate real property accounts.

To discuss how best to protect your property without a marriage contract – and without your future spouse needing to know – contact Josh Bennett at (954) 779-1661, or visit www.joshbennett.com. A common belief is that a prenup adequately protects you from divorce claims on your current assets. But the reality is a little different, as can be seen with the number of people torn apart. Let`s be honest: it`s not easy to apply for a marriage contract when you`re about to get married. In fact, the question of one of you may even lead to the end of the engagement. Future spouses mistakenly think that if their partner applies for a marriage contract, it is a declaration of defiance. However, avoiding a fight is not the only reason why future spouses give up a marriage contract.