For this reason, people with more assets or potential for large asset increases will avoid entering into such agreements (see section 120.1 and discuss this important point with us! Before signing or consenting to signing) as such agreements may have the unintended effect of giving the poorest spouse more than any agreement at all. A balanced, fair cohabitation or a marriage agreement is rather confirmed by the court. This may seem unnecessary. As a general rule, both parties entering into a marriage or cohabitation contract must be independently advised before signing the contract (advice from their own lawyer). Call to see if you can find a lawyer to help you write the deal for a fee you can afford. Many lawyers charge a set fee for writing agreements like this. The agreement you make before or after the start of living together cannot deal with educational problems (e.g. B parental leave and parental responsibility) and assistance to children after separation. To save money, a spouse`s lawyer could prepare the arrangement. Then the other spouse`s lawyer could legally advise that spouse….