Kelly Sears designs and facilitates strategic planning exercises on behalf of public sector organizations. Working with a senior management committee, a series of workshops is held to discuss and update all components of the organizational strategy, including: vision and mission, values, environmental scan, enterprise risk management profile, performance measurement, and implementation plans. This analysis is used to determine the strategic priorities and to develop detailed project plans.

We also have helped many federal departments and agencies to prepare their annual Report on Plans and Priorities.

Kelly Sears has supported many small agencies that do not have the resources to support a full-time planning and performance measurement group. Over any given year, our typical services include facilitating the yearly fall strategic planning exercise, updating the organization-wide risk profile, and helping the agency to prepare the annual Report on Plans and Priorities and the Departmental Performance Report. Given that we serve a number of agencies in this same manner, we are able to provide this support using well-established methodologies at a very reasonable cost that is within the means of small agencies.

For a generic approach and workplan, refer to our Strategic and Business Planning Guide.

Performance Measurement

Kelly Sears has developed performance measurement strategies for many federal government and not-for-profit organizations.

This work involves clarifying the organization’s strategic objectives, identifying appropriate performance indicators, and setting out the data collection and reporting strategies. The choice of performance methodology depends on the nature of the organization’s activities. We are accustomed to working with the balanced scorecard and results-based logic model approaches.

Kelly Sears has developed a performance measurement approach, which is designed specifically for public sector organizations. This performance measurement tool enables departments and agencies to periodically assess and report on their performance for key indicators, related to outcomes and results, client demand, workload, efficiency, and people/workplace health. Generic performance indicators and scales have been developed for various areas such as finance, human resources, regulatory management, tribunals, and are customized to the requirements of each organization. The tool is unique in that it provides for a performance assessment based on a mix of both quantitative and qualitative data that reflects the complexities of the public sector environment. Further information on this tool is available here.