In addition to our core services, Kelly Sears frequently provides clients with assistance in the following areas:

Strategic Planning

Kelly Sears designs and facilitates strategic planning exercises on behalf of public sector and not-for-profit organizations. Working with a senior management committee, a series of workshops is held to discuss and update all components of the organizational strategy, including: vision and mission, values, environmental scan, enterprise risk management profile, performance measurement, and implementation plans. This analysis is used to determine the strategic priorities and to develop detailed project plans.

In addition to working with the senior management committee, we often hold workshops or town halls with managers and staff in order to ensure everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the preparation of the strategic plan.

Kelly Sears has provided planning support to many small federal agencies that do not have the resources to support a full-time planning and performance measurement group. Over any given year, our typical services may include facilitating the yearly fall strategic planning exercise, updating the organization-wide risk profile, preparing an annual performance report, and helping the agency to prepare the annual Departmental Plan and the Departmental Results Report. We are able to provide this support using well established methodologies at a very reasonable cost that is within the means of small agencies. Agencies also gain access to the experience of Kelly Sears professionals in implementing management practices across a wide range of public sector organizations. For more information, refer to our Strategic and Business Planning Guide.

Resource Reviews

We help clients develop approaches for determining resource levels required, and processes for reallocating resources within their organization based on program needs, their overall business strategy, risks and the business case. In a typical resource review project, we develop a resource model, which may be based on forecasting trends in key demand drivers or on benchmarking data (e.g., in the case of administrative functions). We also help clients to develop the detailed business case.

Risk Management

Our risk management services include the development of integrated risk management frameworks at the organization-wide level, risk profiling, and linking risk assessment to resource allocation decisions. We help clients to identify risks at the corporate level, assess risk tolerance levels, and identify possible mitigation strategies.

For a generic approach and work plan to risk profiling through the use of workshops, refer to our Risk Profiling Toolkit.


Service Delivery Reviews

Kelly Sears has particular expertise in the areas of strategic and efficiency reviews.  We have helped federal departments and agencies, both large and small, to review their program activities and resources in support of strategic reviews, A-base reviews, program integrity reviews as well as general organization reviews.

For a generic approach and work plan, refer to our Organizational Review Toolkit.

Procurement Support

Kelly Sears regularly provides support to federal government departments and agencies in the delivery of the procurement process. Services can range from preparing a request for proposal for a specific initiative to advising clients throughout the entire procurement process. Recently, Kelly Sears supported the Trillium Gift of Life Network in carrying out a procurement process to replace a major organ donation IT system.