Kelly Sears has particular expertise in the areas of strategic and efficiency reviews.  We have helped federal departments and agencies, both large and small, to review their program activities and resources in support of strategic reviews, A-base reviews, program integrity reviews as well as general organization reviews.

  • Proven methodology.  Our baseline assessment methodology has been applied successfully in a number of federal departments and agencies, including Health Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Public Health Agency of Canada, Foreign Affairs and International Trade, as well as in a number of smaller federal agencies.  The baseline assessment methodology provides for a comprehensive approach to A-base and resource reviews, and has produced for departments the information necessary to address the requirements of strategic, program integrity and other expenditure reviews.  Read more on the methodology here.
  • Experience of personnel. Our senior professionals have extensive qualifications and experience in conducting capacity and baseline assessments for both large and small public organizations.  All the proposed consultants have many years of experience in consulting, and worked at a senior level in a large audit and consulting firm prior to Kelly Sears.  We put forth teams of senior experienced professionals with a range of skills in business planning, financial management, human resources, risk management, performance measurement, evaluation, and change management, and are able to link these various elements together as a part of a comprehensive and objective assessment of departmental activities and resource levels.
  • Firm specialization. Because we use the same methodology and consistent approach from assignment to assignment, we are able to complete a review more quickly and with less disruption to the client organization.
  • Evidence based analytical approach.  We rely on fact finding and data analysis to provide senior departmental management with the evidence required to make difficult decisions on service improvement and resource allocation questions.