Kelly Sears Consulting Group specializes in providing the following key services to government and not-for-profit organizations: Service Delivery Reviews, Evaluation, Planning and Performance Measurement.

Kelly Sears has helped federal departments and agencies, both large and small, to review their program activities and resources in support of strategic and efficiency reviews. Read More

Garry Sears has conducted over 150 evaluation-related studies of government programs, services and organizations since 1979, which include evaluation frameworks/assessments and the conduct of evaluation studies. Kelly Sears has also advised several departments and agencies on their strategy and organizational design for the evaluation function. Kelly Sears has a joint venture with the survey firm Narrative Research, headquartered in Halifax. Narrative Research handles the administration of online stakeholder surveys and virtual focus groups as part of many evaluation studies led by Kelly Sears. Read More

We help government and not-for-profit organizations prepare strategic and business plans. A typical approach includes the conduct of a strategic review, involving interviews with internal and external stakeholders, followed by facilitation of strategic planning retreats and the preparation of the strategic plan. Read More

We focus on developing performance measurement frameworks for government and not-for-profit organizations, using such methodologies as the balanced scorecard, results-based logic model and our Performance Checkā„¢ methodology. We have also assisted many organizations in the preparation of their annual Departmental Performance Reports. Read More

In addition to the above core set of services, we also provide consulting services in the following areas:

Benchmarking: Comparisons of service delivery practices with jurisdictions in other countries as well as at the provincial/territorial levels.

Management Diagnostics: Kelly Sears is a recognized leader in conducting diagnostic assessments of organizational management practices. Michael Kelly, one of the firm’s co-founders, developed the original Modern Management “Capacity Check” methodology in partnership with Treasury Board Secretariat in the late 1990’s.

Resource Reviews: Development of quantitative demand models to estimate resource levels required for government programs and services; and development of business cases.

Risk Management: Development of integrated risk management frameworks at the organization-wide level, risk profiling, and linking risk assessment to resource allocation decisions. We help clients to identify risks at the corporate level, assess risk tolerance levels, and identify possible mitigation strategies.

Organizational Design: Reviews of existing organizational structures and development of organizational options based on systematic assessments (i.e., involving stakeholder interviews, management and staff workshops, and external benchmarking). Read More